IV International Military-Scientific Conference "Directions for improving the integrated air defense system of the CIS member states in the interests of solving the tasks of aerospace defense in modern conditions"


IV Международная военно-научная конференция «Направления совершенствования объединенной системы ПВО государств – участников СНГ в интересах решения задач воздушно-космической обороны в современных условиях»

On February 28, representatives of the CSTO Joint Staff took part in the work of the IV International Military Scientific Conference on the theme: “Improving the joint air defense system of the CIS member states in order to solve the problems of aerospace defense in modern conditions”. The event was held in the city of Tver at the Marshal of the Soviet Union Georgy Zhukov Military Academy of Aerospace Defense .
The conference was attended by representatives of the Main Command of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation, higher military educational institutions, research organizations and industry.
The theme of the conference is relevant for the CSTO in the light of the work to improve the joint use of troops, forces and means performing the air defense missions of the CSTO member states. 
Deputy Chief of the Joint Staff of the CSTO Lieutenant-General Aviation Nurlan Ormanbetov made a report on the possibility of adapting the joint air defense system of the CIS member states to solve problems in the interests of the CSTO.
Head of the Department of Operative Art of the Academy, Candidate of Military Sciences, Associate Professor, Colonel Vitaly Tikshaev in his report noted the need to create in the Central Asian region a supranational body managing the air defense of the region.
During the plenary session, the conference participants were presented 11 reports. The speakers noted the importance of using the experience of military operations in the Syrian Arab Republic for the development of military science.
In the framework of the conference, the CSTO flag was presented to the leadership of the Central Research Institute of the Aerospace Defense Forces of the Russian Defense Ministry, which is the main research organization of the CSTO in the field of research on air defense and missile defense.

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