Military contingents and special forces formations are fulfilling combat training tasks in order to strengthen the troops covering the state border, conduct a special operation to block a section of the border of a member state of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, defeat and eliminate illegal armed formations, and conduct reconnaissance with the combined use of various ground and air-based weapons .
At four training grounds, the participants in the training will work out practical action for preparing and withdrawing to designated areas of intelligence units by ground, air, landing and other means, including at night. In the interests of revealing the actions of illegal armed groups and sabotage-reconnaissance groups of a imaginary enemy and their fire damage, military, special, radioelectronic, engineering and artillery intelligence will be conducted.
It is planned to work out the issues of training and use of intelligence forces and means in the joint operation of the Collective Rapid Reaction Forces (CRRF) of the CSTO, practical actions of intelligence forces and means in the interests of localizing the border armed conflict in the East European CSTO Collective Security  Region.

On September 24, a briefing will be held by the Chief of the CSTO Joint Staff, Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov


On September 24, 2019 at 14:00 at the International Press Center of the MIA “Russia Today” (Presidential Hall) a multimedia briefing  of the chief of the Joint Staff of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, Colonel General Anatoly Sidorov with video connections to sites in Yerevan, Minsk, Nur-Sultan and Bishkek will take place.

ANAT3031.JPGBriefing topic: “On the readiness of command and control bodies and forces of the CSTO collective security system to conduct a joint operational-strategic trainings “Combat Brotherhood-2019”.

The briefing will focus on the military-political situation in the CSTO responsibility zone and on the specifics of the operational and strategic trainings “Combat Brotherhood-2019”, which will be held from October 8 to 29, 2019 in the territory of three countries of the Eastern European and Central-Asian regions.

The trainings will be conducted in accordance with the Plan for the joint training of command and control bodies and forces of the CSTO collective security system for 2019, approved by decisions of the Council of Ministers of Defense and the Committee of Secretaries of Security Councils of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

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